• Practice Conversational English
    • Practice English pronunciation
    • Have access to lessons according to your level
    • Engage in a conversation with a native-speaker
    • Develop global relationships
  • Help Others Speak English
    • Give back to the global community
    • Build relationships with other peers around the world
    • Experience diversity and multiculturalism
    • Develop increased sense of social responsibility


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Want to Practice English?

For Individual Students

With a few simple steps, you can have the chance to speak to native English-speaking tutors that are in your age group. The lesson topics are also ones that both a tutor and student can relate to, so just login and start talking!

For Campaigns

Students in ESL classes and students outside the United States can adopt EdFAN into their school or an organization. Registering for a campaign means that many more students, like your peers, will be able to logon and learn. You and your friends will all be able to access "The Classroom" and can start talking to volunteer-tutors!

Want to Teach English?

For Individual Tutors

You don’t have to be a professional teacher to be a tutor for EdFAN. If you would like to help an overseas student, simply make an account and login whenever you are available to teach. Any student can become a tutor, so start your overseas conversation now!

For Local Chapters

You can adopt EdFAN into your school to make an EdFAN club or implement EdFAN into an existing organization. You can introduce EdFAN to your classmates and friends so they can all sign-up and tutor. Anyone can tutor, so by making a Local Chapter, you can provide overseas students with more tutors that they can connect and speak to!

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