• Help Others Speak English

    Teach Online Now

    • Teach lessons that will be relevant to the student's life
    • Practice English pronunciation
    • Use lessons embedded in the system
    • Engage in English conversation
    • Develop interpersonal and communication skills
  • Help Others Speak English

    Establish Global Friendship

    • Give back to the global community
    • Build relationships with other peers around the world
    • Experience diversity and multiculturalism
    • Develop increased sense of social responsibility
  • Help Others Speak English

    Get Rewarded

    • Earn Presidential Volunteer Service Award
    • Develop a topic for college essays
    • Receive scholarship opportunities
    • Enjoy personal satisfaction of helping others

Use Video Conferencing to Teach the Global Community

Easy Lessons to Follow
Teach language through the embedded lessons in the system
Global Access from Home
Reach the world by volunteering at home
Safe and Secure Community
Meet other peers from all over the globe within a safe educational network

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